Sunday, October 23, 2016


Friedland by Messionier
 I rediscovered a series of photos that I took last summer during a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  Battlefields and military museums are great, and I like those, but as any frequenter of museums will know, there's often much of interest to be found in non-military themed institutions, especially the larger ones. I thought I'd post a few items of interest.  The Messonier Friedland (above) is particularly stunning--I came around a corner and it jumped out at me. I had been to the Met many times, but either I missed this one or it has only recently been put on display.  As usual, Clix Pix for BIG PIX.

The arms and armor collection is extensive and well done: not to be missed if you're ever in New York:

Among the armor collections,  they have an excellent collection of 17th century artifacts that I found very useful when painting my Thirty Years War/ 17th Century figures.
Buff Coated Cuirassier and Pike armors

"White" 3/4 cuirassier armor
            The 1/2 armor on the right exhibits the eastern European zischagge style helmet
Nice examples of inlaid "black" half armors

 They have extensive accoutrements as well.

 I found the collection of powder horns (a small sampling of which are above) to be particularly instructive.
 There are also extensive examples of hand weapons (pikes, polearms, swords), muskets, pistols, and a few galleries of Samurai armor and weapons.  Atlhough this pictorial centered on the 17th Century, the Met collection includes a good number of medieval/renaissance items as well. As we conclude this virtual tour, I cannot resist taking one detour along the way towards the exit... astonishingly forward-looking piece: Jean-Francois Millet, 1875:
Maid Texting in the Pasture...



  1. Great article, and great artwork references!

    I love the c17 pieces - the buff coat, and also the black armor (from heavy cuirassiers, or lobsters maybe?). Seeing the detail on a life size piece is so different from the abstract surface details we have on our miniatures.


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