Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Last weekend, I began working on six units of Hungarian Honved infantry for my Chocolate Box Wars project. These are all Steve Barber Revolution in Europe figures (Hungarian Infantry and Officers, along with a conversion of an Austrian Grenzer). I'm not a fast painter, so getting through 36 figures will take me awhile, so I thought I'd plop a work in progress here in the meantime. This will represent the bulk of my infantry for the Hungarian contingent (once the figures I commissioned come online, there will be several more, but this batch will work in the meantime). I'm painting 2 units of National Guard in blue coats, and the rest as Honved Infantry: 2 in brown coats, 1 as a "gray attila" battalion, and 1 as the 31st Battalion, which had a short white coat (this last is the conversion: I'll give the details of it once done). As usual clix pix for BIG PIX...

The painting table, mid-project. 
                              Brown and Gray Attila Units         Blue Coated National Guard

                                                       31st Battalion (Conversion figures)

In order to give myself a boost to keep me going, I went ahead and completed all the officer figures (except the 31st Battalion Officer).
                                                Brown and Gray Attila Unit Officers

                                                       National Guard Officers

Having tackled the detailed work on the officers, the production will shift into higher gear for the more numerous infantry. Barring any unforeseen events, I should be able to complete at least one of these sets over the weekend and have an update next week.


  1. Thirty-six figures at one go is a large commitment. Posting a WiP and painting officers first is a good way to keep motivation high. Looking forward to seeing the finished products.

  2. You are tearing it up! I'm happy when I can get 10-15 WWII figures with no where near the amount of detail completed in two-three weeks! Way to go!

  3. That's a lot on the table! I'm liking the look of the National Guard officers a lot!

    1. Yes, I was rather surprised at how well that black lace on blue came out looking. A swipe of gray helped to bring it out. The coat of flat varnish (yet to come) should also bring out the detail a bit more as well.

    2. I have a bottle of what's called 'heavy grey' paint, which is essentially 'dirty black' paint. Just a touch of gray in it makes black look NOT like primer you forgot to paint over. Putting a touch of gray on black does the trick as well. I've done that on grenadier hats before.

  4. Thanks, gents. Blogging does help to keep up momentum on these kinds of projects--both the reporting and hearing from others.

    Tonight I got a warning shot from my shoulder after about an hour of painting, so I'll have to back off a bit and shorten the painting sessions (sucks getting old).


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