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The Northwest Frontier, 2nd Afghan War


(or thereabouts)

The Sword and The Flame Activation Cards

In place of the standard playing cards, I created a set of playing cards that have all the information needed on them, to include special casualties, etc.  Rather than having to recall what an Ace of Hearts means, you read tbe bit right on the card that tells you the effect for the phase that you're in (movement, fire, or the effect of hits). These were inspired by a set of cards posted by Stephen Luscombe in the Colonial Wars Yahoo Group.  You can download the complete set below. 

When selecting the link for the set, the folder should pop up in another window (which is the interface for Google Docs).  You will see the "download" icon in the upper right hand corner (a downward pointing arrow).  Choose that and the folder with contents will download to your computer.  Then navigate to it. Extract it (a right click on the folder should bring up an "extract all" option). Open it. And You're off!

Sample Cards 

Sample of Diamonds (Imperial)


TSATF Unit Cards For Serial Processors

I created a set of unit cards with all the information that you needed for a type of unit. These were published in the Heliograph along with a brief explanatory article. Below, you can download a slightly revised pdf of the article that includes the cards:

Sample Unit Card

Sample Unit Card (Pathan Cavalry)


Ed's Home Brew Colonial Rules That Combine

GASLIGHT (Historical) with The Sword and the Flame



  1. These are fantastic, Ed! I am going to follow up on your lead and produce similar cards for my Sudan collection (Dervish, Fuzzies, Egyptians and Sudanese).

    1. Thanks, Chuck. I'd be interested to see what your version looks like.


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