Saturday, September 24, 2016


Several months ago I picked up several sets of Perry 28mm ACW figures, "Early Confederate Infantry in Sicilian Caps and 1839 Pattern Caps Advancing" in order to get enough figures in the distinctive visored cap to put together two units of Schlewswig Holstein Volunteers.  
Perry ACW61
The 1839-capped Confeds as S-Holstein Volunteers
This caused me to have left over figures in the Sicilian Cap, from which I put together a unit of "Garden Variety Garibaldists."  I was trying to think of all sorts of ways to embellish these outfits, but after looking at a variety of depictions, I finally decided to stop fighting it and go with something fairly straightforward, a red shirt and cap over blue trousers, which wound up giving these fellows an attractive "bold" look on the table.  These will certainly work as the vanguard of any Risorgemento project should I wind up there, but also would work, in a pinch, as a one-off unit of "Garibaldi Inspired" irregulars in some other force (if I'm short on volunteer-type units).  As usual, clix pix for BIG PIX. 


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    1. Thaks, Ray. Sometimes, less is more--if lots of red can be thought of as "less" :)


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