Thursday, August 18, 2016


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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Under Construction: Expect Completion in September 2016

Hello, dear reader, it seems that you have stumbled upon a work in progress--not exactly a secret, but not exactly a known spot, either.  I do hope you can find your way back from here!

In case anyone is watching, here is what is going on behind the tarps and fences. I'm working on migrating content from my yahoo groups (and a few other of my projects) to dedicated pages on this blog. This is a big project (I am updating the content and reformatting it as well).  There will be new pages for Colonials, Nine Years War, Baroque Battles (a miniatures game system of mine), and possibly a Brother Against Brother Napoleonic variant. Those pages will go live as they near completion (like the Dubious Designs page, which is now live--note that the rest of the content will be miniatures-gaming stuff). I might also add a page later on to hold other downloads that don't fit any category or are one-offs.

I'm also still working through the functionality of Blogger--getting used to the bugs with text and images and all of that so that by the time the blog goes live my postings will have a consistent style. 

The plan is to keep chipping away at this every day until its ready--I expect that will be in September 2016.  I'll then post the first official opening message and find a few outlets where I'll make this blog known (and we'll see what happens from there). 
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