Wednesday, September 7, 2016


If you're curious about what the games that I've posted in my Nine Year's War page on this blog might look like, here are some shots I took when preparing the Battle of Longchamps (speculative, 1692) for convention use. These are mostly Irregular 6mm figures, with a few Baccus (mainly the command figures). If this peaks your curiosity, you might want to visit the Nine Year's War page on this blog. As usual, click pix for BIG PIX.

The Danes

Long view of the battlefield: French defending on the right.

The center of the Grand Alliance position ready to begin the assault.

William III with his two gallopers stationed with the Grand Alliance 3rd Line.

The view from behind the German wing of the Grand Alliance.

Brandenburgers and Hessians in their start positions.

The Brandenburg and Wurtemburg horse brigades.

The Grand Alliance lines of horse on the left, English in the second line.
The Netherland horse opposite Lonchamps.
French dragoons holding Longchamps.

View from behind the French left.

French horse lines on the right.

View from behind the second line of horse on the French right. 

The game ready to go at a convention...

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