Sunday, October 16, 2016


This Saturday our gaming club had one of its game days. The man behind the effort was Earl, who orchestrated a day consisting of two rounds of three Bloody Tomahawks games running simultaneously. Players were divided into French and British teams, and each scenario was based on a historical event. Each game contributed to the side's overall victory points, although nobody seemed overly concerned about that (aside from Early, who had to keep track!). I can't do better than to quote our club president's email to summarize:

"Earl put on a great game day. The tables and figures looked great and the scenarios were fun to play. Knowing how much work it is to put on a game day, I want to thank Earl on behalf of the club. I am sure that he is relieved it went well, happy it is over, and completely bushed...once again thank you and great job. By the way, does anyone want a donut?"
The man of the hour: Earl at his command post.

The expedition was well provisioned.
Here are some images of the day. Clix Pix for BIG PIX. 

Earl was everywhere!  How did he DO that?


  1. Nice looking Games, Ed. Looks like a lot of fun! BTW, where is the venue? Is it at a hotel or something?

    1. Hi John,
      Yes, it was a hotel. Our club rents a hotel function room for our monthly game nights (plus an occasional game day, such as this one).


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