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The Usual Suspects at play on our November Game Night
This is a delayed post of the club game night held on Friday, 18 November.  There were three games: An American Civil War Mississipi River Naval Action, an American Civil War Fire and Fury game in 15mm (Gettysburg, Day 03 Cavalry Action), and a Napoleon's Rules of War 1809 French vs Austrian game (28mm).  I opted for the third, Napoleonics, taking up the side of the White Menace (aka, Austrians).  For another report on the game night, you can go to fellow Club Member AJ's Blog .   For those with the time, and the stomach, you may continue reading the reports below....(as usual, clix pix for BIG PIX). First up, I'll cover the two games I didn't play (these will necessarily be a bit general).  

American Civil War River Action:
A bit of naval banter between experts to get things going (Ross, on left, and Pete, on right--John jumps in from out of frame).

The game in progress.

Although I didn't catch the result, this game moved right along and all seemed to be enjoying themselves. It featured some splendid eye candy in Pete's brown water flotillas..

ACW, Gettysburg, Day 03 Cavalry Acton:

All roads lead to Tom, who co-hosted the game with Paul.
John M getting "in the mood" if not necessarily in key.

 This game featured an impressive array of 15mm cavalry units, and from what I could see, the action was heavy...

Napoleon's Rules of War: Austrians v French:

Charlie explains the rules while a thoughtful Dr. Dick looks on....
This was an asymmetrical scenario. The French anarchists (boo hiss) were outnumbered by the forces of law and order, the Austrians (hooray!).  The Austrians had a lower starting break point, but would gain points back by taking objectives (signified by "pink slips") which were placed in depth in the French position. Thus, the French had to withdraw while holding as long as possible and the Austrians had to press them and take the objectives to maintain steam. Simple...
The Austrians from left to right: Kevin, Bob, AJ. Kevin would run the Austrian right, while Bob and AJ would share the center.Not pictured is the stellar commander of the Austrian left, your humble correspondent... 
The French, from left to right: Ralph, Earl, and Dr. Dick; troublesome fellows, one and all.

 Our plan was ingenious, worthy of Wiley Coyote (super genius!)

We would pressure the French in the Center and assault them from the right center and right. On the left, your humble correspondent would press them, using 4 of our 6 cavalry squadrons  to draw French forces away from the main effort. Thus, we would empty the egg and then crush the shell!  

The maneuver on the Austrian left will be studied in Vienna for decades!
The left's march approach was splendid; as if on the Marchfeld...
...the left magnificently delployed for action in the face of the enemy!
...the left's masterful positioning!  Bravo! Promote that man!
Unfortunately, the troublesome French right wing commander, Ralph (aka, Gen'l d' Bde Gero), wasn't so impressed and stubbornly refused to capitulate...don't these upstarts know when they're beaten?

Meanwhile in the center...
The White Menace in the center Overruns the first pink slip and continues to roll...

 Meanwhile, on the Austrian Right, progress is bogged down by terrain, but continues to move...

Losses are mounting for the Austrians, but the French are at the point of crisis--pinned down on all fronts, giving ground in the center....time for your humble correspondent to deliver a "telling maneuver" from the Austrian left to finish the French...
The Moment of Truth Arrives on the Austrian left. The French square falters; the French cavalry dare not maneuver; the French infantry wavers.  Now, now is your time! Strike hard, Austrian left! The Order is given!
...And the decisive blow is struck! And the Austrian Grenzers go "poof"...

...and the Austrian Army reaches its break point and collapses like a white balloon (pfffffffffffffft!).

Well, there's always next time!  It was a great game. Thanks to Charlie for running it and to the gracious (pugnacious) French players who stymied us and to my comrades from Vienna who fought the good fight, regardless.




  1. Love the write up and the humor cheers Gordon

    1. Thanks, Gordon. We here at Ed's feel it is important to render the appropriate dignity for the subject matter

  2. Interesting to see you put up your portrait in the middle of the Napoleonic AAR, say....were you ever employed in cartoons, Ed?

    1. Cartoons? Why ever would you think that?


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