Thursday, November 10, 2016


Following on from the Danes, here is the other force that I've completed in my Chocolate Box Wars project: mid-century Prussians.  The cavalry are Foundry; the Army Command Stand figs are from the Great War Russian Crimean line; the grenadiers are Steve Barber; and the Landwehr are Great War WWI Belgians. The bulk of the figures (the inf and artillery) are Northstar/Helion 1866 Prussians For a closer look, clix pix for BIG PIX...
The gun models are a mix of Foundry and Northstar, depending on the type of battery (they aren't fixed to the stand). Gunners are all Northstar.
Prussian Guard on the left and grenadiers on the right.Grenadiers are Saxon Grenadiers from Steve Barber Figs. The Guard are Northstar Prussian infantry with white summer trousers and mounted 4 to the stand to set them apart (they have guard lintzen on the cuffs, but that's a nice detail that isn't so apparent). 

Northstar Miniatures really live up to the term, "sculptures," and none more so than the  Prussian Jagers (in green). The Prussian Landwehr, converted 1914 Great War Belgians, are visible behind the Jagers. 
The old campaigners, complete with decorations (which can barely be made out in this picture) are a nice touch: I painted these as NCOs (signified by the yellow lace on the cuffs)

Feldmutzekopf says



  1. Very nice. I especially love those hussars!

  2. Very handsome Prussian force you have!

  3. A great paint job for a splendid uniform!


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