Wednesday, November 16, 2016


This post might be a bit redundant with some recent posts with these units, but I decided to do it anyway given that this will complete the record for the "Pass in Review" of my Chocolate Box Wars project, showing all the units I have ready to go at this point.  These are the volunteers and what I am calling foreign auxillary troops. These aren't included in the national army categories, and as such weren't pictured with the Danes or the Prussians. Some are more generic than others, which are based on actual units that were associated with a specific force.  I'll use them as such, but also be able to plug them in to others given my army list approach. 

Rear, Left to Right: German Legion, German Legion (generic), Garibaldists (generic). Front, Left to Right: Von Der Tann Volunteers, Bracklow's Volunteers, French Foreign Legion
The Germans: Bracklow's Volunteers in the back (Schleswig Holstein), converted Perry British Intervention Force British Inf in Straw Hats.  In Front, left: the German Legion (Hungarian Revolution) and a German Legion (generic) loosely based on an image of German Volunteers in the 1st Schleswig Holstein War.  These two are conversions of Perry ACW Iron Brigade figures. 

Van Der  Tann Voluneteers (left) and French Foreign Legion (Right).  Both of these are Perry Carlist Wars FFL figs (see the recent post on the French Foreign Legion for more details).

I'm starting on the Honved Army of the Hungarian Revolution.  I'm in the midst of a conversion of Murawski Napoleonic Poles into Polish Legion infantry, but all momentum has been sapped while I wait for a backorder to come through.  I look forward to posting those as soon as they are done!


  1. Very exciting to see a project progressing so nicely. Beautifully done.


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