Thursday, June 15, 2017


It's been a busy May and June thus far (and promises to be for the balance of this month) . What with business travel and gaming outings (conventions and whatnot), there hasn't been much to report in terms of production (painting, etc). But I suppose that having so much gaming going on during my discretionary time that it cuts into painting isn't a bad problem to have! There is some news that I think will be of interest, however. Recently, I received notice from Steve of Steve Barber Models that the Honved Jagers that I had commissioned were ready for production! He now has to get them painted and then posted on his website: watch for them soon! As the fellow who commissioned them, however, I got the first consignment ahead of all of that (and let Steve know that it would be fine to make them available to others who have consigned figures). The above package arrived in the mail this week, and the figures (below) deliver on what the greens promised (clix pix for BIG PIX): 

There are two poses, loading and firing, and I intend to have two units of these available among my Honved forces. I'm now, however, at something of a crossroads. I also commissioned another officer version....
 ...which Steve has done (as you can see above), but which is not yet available. I had wanted to use these officers for my Jagers to further set them apart. I could just let momentum carry me and paint the jagers on-hand and then add the officers later, but my practical side warns me that given how I paint, if I don't do all of these gray toned fellows in the same batch that they won't be consistent, which argues for holding off until the officers are ready. 

On the other hand....
...I could just use the standard officer (pointing) on my jagers, as I have done for my Honved infantry, and use these new officers, when available, on my Honved infantry in kepi...
...which I have also commissioned but aren't yet available.  Come to think of it, I probably will use the advancing officer with the kepi units, regardless.  It should be a smart combination, I think.  That brings me back to the jagers, who will have a redundant officer figure either way (albeit painted with the distinctive jager uniform, with green cap to set them apart even more). Back to square one.

Decisions, decision. Well, given my remaining schedule in June, I'm basically talking almost July before I can get stuck in, anyway, so there is time to meander.  In the end, it's all good.


  1. Excellent! A box of new lead is always a most welcome sight. Doubly rewarding is that these are figures you personally commissioned. Nifty looking jaegers too! I await them undergoing your brush later this summer.

    1. My first ever custom figures: I'm stoked. Makes me wish (almost) that it were winter and I could just hunker down and get them done.

  2. First looks, always fun especially with quality figures.

    What are the odds that the Honved had uniforms that were strictly processed in well controlled factories and that they all weathered at the same speed? I'd say do them in a couple of batches getting the paint as similar as possible and then mix'em for a realistic look.

    If there;s going to be two officers, I'd go with 1 of each so 1 now, 1 later.

    Too many games to play....we do what we must ...:)

    1. Thanks, Ross: that method would certainly answer all calls. Let's see if in the interim between now and when I can get started on them whether I am thinking rationally or not :)

  3. Fine looking figures.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog - it is appreciated.


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