Sunday, June 18, 2017


Last Friday was our club's June Game Night. As usual, we had three excellent games to choose from. Above, a shot of some of Pete's figures ready to go for his Sudan game. As I mentioned earlier, time for blogging is limited, so this post will be more of the straight "eye candy" variety than detailed narrative.  You may clix pix for BIG PIX, though, as always. 

Above left, the usual suspects gathering.  Above right, the arrival of our august leader, photo-bombed by Earl (some people's children!). 
Duelling Bloggers: Mark of Come on My Brave Fusiliers Blog snapping a counter-photo.

Pete took a turn to the "Old Skool" with a Sudan game using 800 Fighting Englishmen

AJ, of AJ's Wargaming Blog, brought back his Iron Cross Radar Station game that he's been developing, which features an excellent scratch built Freya German Radar.
Charlie, author of Napoleon's Rules of War, ran a 28mm 1809 Abesnberg game. I played on the side of the "White Peril" (Austrians) vs the Cornflower Blue upstarts (Bavarians):
Above left, the Bavarians: Kevin, Ralph, and Robert. Above Right, my righteous Austrian colleagues, Bob O and Earl (he of the photo-bomb, no less). 
 Above, left, The Austrians deployed and the Bavarians arrive..and then approach. I was on the Austrian right. You can see that I quickly thought better of defending forward on the hill in the face of the approaching Bavarian guns and cavalry there.  The Bavarian plan to hammer the right/center is becoming evident as the columns shift.  Out on the Austrian left (picture immediately above) , Earl and Kevin would spar. 
The Austrians fought off the initial assaults on the center, and even had some success against the supporting attack directed against the Austrian right.  But eventually...
...the Bavarians broke through and the Austrian army morale cracked, except, of course, for the Austrian right wing commander, who by then was already riding hard for Vienna to be the first to bring news of the engagement (his version, anyway).  

It was a hard pounding, to be sure, but a fine time was had by all.


  1. What run to have such a dynamic and diverse gaming club. You are a lucky fellow!

    1. I recall other times and places where gaming was hard to come by, outside of trips to conventions, so I try to not take what I have here for granted.


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