Friday, May 19, 2017


This weekend I'll be running my Smalle Warre skirmish game on Saturday morning at the excellent regional convention, Huzzah!, in Portland, Maine (run by the Maine Historical Wargamers).

Among the many events, members of our club will be running games there, a few of note will be fellow blogger Mark D's  Modern Bolt Action game, event #
211, Kitty Hawk Down!  which will be tonight (Friday), and several others that will be at the same time as mine tomorrow morning (most notably Earl's French and Indian War game, event #308 Bloody Tomahawks - Where's our supplies? and fellow blogger AJ's innovative Electronic Brigadier game, event #306 Bemis Heights - Gates Attacks! October 7, 1777). If all goes well, I hope to have some shots of my game for this blog (if I remember to stop and take some pictures!) as well as some of the convention as well.
A fair wind wafts the Meanderer and his kit off to the convention.
Today, I'll be hopping up the road to get my badge and find my table (and visit with friends), and then I'll be returning home to do final checks and pack up my game so I'll be ready to roll first thing in the morning!



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